“Godavari” Ganga of south calling for help.

Nashik is famous for its wine. But there were times when Nashik was famous for only one reason & that was as a Religious Place based on the banks of river “Godavari ” often called as Ganga of South.
Nashik is also very famous for KUMBH MELA which happens after every 12 years. There are only four places where this huge festival of HINDUS happen and Nashik is one of them. Godavari river plays an important role in this huge festival as it is believed if a person swims in this river then he is freed from all his sins!

Next Kumbh Mela is set in 2015. Means there are only 4 years remaining. And if we take look at Godavari now, one can be very sick even if he touches the surface of it.
Government especially Nashik Municipal Corporation needs to be very serious towards this issue because lots of tourist are attracted in such huge events. Lets hope that NMC pays a nice attention towards it and make it clear as soon as possible!
Feel D’wine!


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