Justnashik wishes you a Prosperous “Gudhi Padva”

Justnashik wishes you a Prosperous “Gudhi Padva” and  “Marathi new year”.

Gudhi padva
Happy Gudhi Padva

Gudhi Padva is the start of new year according to Hind calendar i.e. Panchang. Chaitra Shuddha Pratipada is the first day of Hindu Panchag.It is celebrated in a huge manner all across the nation.

It has one more story that says Lord Ram came back in Ayodhya on this holiday only. And he was welcomed with flags known as Gudhi nowadays.
Gudhi is a structure which involves a long bamboo around which an orange colored clothe is put. It looks like a flag and gives holy feelings.




Traditional KALASH is also placed on top of it and it is decorated with flowers.
This is the proper way of celebrating new year. Instead of having hangover of previous night, we can celebrate it by waking up early and feeling fresh all the day! What do you say?


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