Keep your private life discrete with, Order Condoms, Sanitary Pads, Prega Kits under 30 mins in Nashik

Nagesh Mishra, Antarish Chaudary, Rohit Patil and Kavishwar Marathe Engineers and MBA grads from Nashik, stumble upon on rather a unique problem in the city, Inaccessibility and social stigma around condoms, contraceptive and menstrual hygiene products. And since no one was addressing this issue the guys’ came up with an online service to order condoms, sanitary pads, and contraceptive under 30 mins from the convenience of your home or office. In addition to this service, Umbrela GO also offers package send/receive service where you can send documents, gifts or anything anywhere in Nashik city. founders founders

The process is very simple, log on to select the product, fill up the order form and they will deliver the product to your doorstep in a discreet packaging under 30 mins. 

Launch in September 2019 the company has successfully acquired around 1000 exclusive members and doing around 20-25 odd deliveries per day. While you can visit the website and order required the product right away, their exclusive membership offers you a 50% discount on the convenience fee. The startup has currently received an overwhelming response with order flow picking up better than the expectations.  

Order Condoms, Sanitary Pad or Prega kits with
Order Condoms, Sanitary Pad or Prega kits with

Being from a diverse creative backgrounds the team is well capable of handling most the business task and operations by dividing amongst themselves, so operations, logistics, and marketing are all handled by the founders wherein they have hire dedicated delivery executives, but unlike other popular delivery services delivery boys are company employees and not partners.  

The company is planning to add more products to their bouquet of services in the near future and aiming to expand in 10 more cities next year. They are also in the process of acquiring e-bikes to reduce the carbon footprint for the deliveries and making the service accessible round the clock. 

Well, while we wish them luck for their startup and hope they’ll soon reachout to more cities, try their service on and follow them on instagram for latest updates


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