Satvik Thali The Taj Nashik

Experience the divine, “Satvik Thali” at The Taj Nashik

What we eat often affects our mind and soul, food as we all know shapes our state of mind and well being. While we indulge in festivities this season, we must keep our diet which purifies, detox our body and soul. According to Ayurveda, eating a sattvic diet helps you keep, sattva—a clear headspace of truth, contentment, and a balanced mind. Satvik thali presented by Taj Nashik does exactly the same.

Inspired by temple food and Introduced specially for the occasion of Navratri, a festival which largely associated with eating clean and satvik food, food which is cooked without onion, garlic and anything that increases tamas in your body. Navratri is celebrated almost all across the country with local rituals and traditions and this diversification brings a plate full of delicacies across all parts of the country, Satvik thali served by Taj Nashik is an amalgamation of all these diverse cuisines.

The thali is divided into three parts appetizers which are served before thali, main course & desserts served in a thali and the meal ends with the piping hot Kulhad Masala Chai.

Satvik Thali The Taj Nashik
Satvik Thali The Taj Nashik

The first appetizer is Dhuaa Chass, a buttermilk drink with chopped chilies & coriander and a twist of live smoke to give a charcoal flavor. Followed by Samosa chat – a peas,potato-filled pastry with toppings of tamarind and mint chutney. Mutter Tikki is a cutlet made with mashed peas. All the appetizers had a tangy and peppery and they do increase your appetite.

Satvik Thali The Taj Gateway Hotel Nashik
Satvik Thali The Taj Gateway Hotel Nashik

Thali is quite a heavy affair with around 6-7 vegetable preparations, breads and rice with accompaniment of matka dahi. All the vegetables were cooked obviously without using garlic and onions. However, it’s hardly possible to find out the difference between the same, Spices used in the preparation were authentic and moderate. The whole thali had a very subtle aroma and flavors across the country like Banaras Kadhi Pakoda, Aloo Choka, Nimona, Bengan Kalonji and Makai Palak. All the dishes go very well with either fulka and puri both provided in the thali.

Satvik Thali The Taj Nashik
Satvik Thali The Taj Nashik

You can devour into Kesariya Rasmalai and Doodhi kheer once you are done with the meal, and conclude your meal with piping hot Kulhad Masala Chai.

The Thali is served at “Pancharatna”, Taj Nashik’s own north Indian & Maharashtrian restaurant. Thali will be served during the entire Navratri, timings are  Sunday to Monday for dinner and Friday Saturday and Sunday for lunch with a price point of Rs. 999/- inclusive of all taxes. Also, Pancharatna serves a la carte cuisine menu, Gujarati and Maharashtrian thalis and north India main course.


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