Biryani Delivery in Nashik

Cure your Biryani cravings, checkout this five outlets to get your biryani home delivered in Nashik

We all can admit it’s hard to resist the craving of biryani, Specially during the chilly winters in Nashik. But it gets difficult to get out of the house or office and devour the pot full biryani. Every time while binging on your favorite show or in a middle an important meeting we end up wasting our cravings on a bag of chips! Well, we all have been through this pain, we don’t want anyone to go through the same, so here are five latest kids on Nashik’s biryani delivery scene. Check out the list of all these handpicked delivery outlets and put an end to your biryani craving.

Behrouz Biryani: Taste the royal essence of Biryani at Behrouz, Started recently in Nashik, Beheouze has gained a huge applause for their recipes and variety of Biryanis, Biryani here is freshly prepared with premium & quality ingredients suitable for royalty.

Available to order online now & get it home delivered in Nashik.


The Biryani Tales: One of kind delivery kitchen in Nashik, serving varieties from different states across India like Lucknowi, Kolkata, Hyderabadi, Bombay. You can avail the Delivery online from Zomato or Swiggy & Take Away from their outlet.

So which one is your favorite?



Charcoal Eats: If you are a fan of Biryanis, you might be well aware of charcoal easts. We find the biryanis here quite bland for our taste but they do have a nice range of offerings to cure your biryani cravings.



The Biryani KitchenStarted as a virtual kitchen in Nashik, Biryani kitchen serves homemade biryanis directly to your doorstep, the flavors include dum biryani, seek kabab biryani, malai biryani and surprisingly something called momos biryani.



The Biryani PotBiryani pot serves biryanis and kormas from different parts of the country, Food here is cooked and deliver in the clay pot using the authentic spices and ingredients. They also claim that each order is individually cooked in a hand made clay pot as per requirements and served in the same clay pot.


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