Bhartiya Digital Party in Nashik Standup Comedy

BhaDiPa’s Secret Marathi Stand-Up in Nashik

Bhartiya Digital Party in Nashik Standup Comedy
Bhartiya Digital Party in Nashik Standup Comedy

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The Secret Marathi Stand-Up is a Marathi stand-up comedy tribute to the late P.L. Deshpande. Bharatiya Digital Party has curated a group of talented new faces in Marathi stand-up comedy to perform pieces based on their hometowns in Maharashtra and beyond. Inspired by the original piece by Pu La Deshpande, the comics use observational comedy about the peculiarities of daily life in modern-day Maharashtrian society. Though the glory days of Pu La Deshpande have passed, his work has inspired a new generation of comedy and storytelling that is seeing a revival on stage!

Bharatiya Digital Party (BhaDiPa) is an all-Marathi entertainment platform famous for web series like Casting Couch with Amey and Nipun and notable music videos like Maharashtra Desha.

Entry Time: 7:15 pm.

Artists: Sarang Sathaye, Mandar Bhide, Pushkar Bendre, Omkar Rege, Trupti Khamkar

Address : Chopda Banquet Hall: Nashik, Dehmandir Cooperative Housing Society, Gangapur Road, Nashik, Maharashtra 422013, India

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