Radhakrishna Best Seafood in Nashik

Food Review: Hotel Radhakrishna, Best seafood in Nashik

Verdict: Best seafood in town, Hands down!
Rating: 4/5
Table For Two: 1000 Rs.

Address: Hotel Radhakrishna, Plot No: P-35, Behind I.T.I, Trimbak Road, MIDC, Satpur, Nashik, Maharashtra 422007

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As we all know Nashik seriously lacks a good seafood restaurant, there are few exceptions like Sugras Canteen but getting your hands on nice crispy fried prawns or those juicy bombils is a tough job in the city and a pain only a seafood lover can understand. Today we’re talking about the hidden gem and another exceptional place in the city tucked away in MIDC area surrounded by factories.

If you are familiar with this restaurant you might have already guessed the name, “Hotel Radhakrishna”. This place has been known for serving amazing seafood for few decades famous with its regulars this lives up to the expectation.

This place is surrounded by factories and has a basic ambiance this is not a very upscale or a fancy place. But the place is clean tidy and have comfortable seating. They also have a bar which is separated from the main seating area.They almost serve everything a standard restaurant serves, an array of veg and non-vegetarian Indian and Chinese dishes, though the main attraction is their amazing seafood.

Radhakrishna Best Seafood in Nashik
Radhakrishna Best Seafood in Nashik

Since we were confused we ordered two thalis instead of a la carte menu, A chicken thali, and special fish thali. Both thalis looked spectacular when they arrived on the table. Starting with chicken thali it had two different types of chicken gravies Chicken malwani, egg bhurji, sol kadhi and rice. Special fish thali had 4 types of fish i.e. bombil, surmai, bangda (2 fried and 2 curries), solkadhi, rice and chapatis. The thalis were totally value for money. Chicken malwani had a very distinctive malwani touch, unlike most restaurants which serve any curry under the malwani label. Fish thalis were almost had coastal touch, especially I liked the bangda curry a lot. Fried fish was amazing too, fresh, juicy and crispy perfectly in every sense. Though solkadhi was little too bland which can be improved.

Radhakrishna Best Seafood in Nashik
Radhakrishna Best Seafood in Nashik

Overall the meal was really something to look forward to every weekend. fresh, nicely made and value for money. the service was very prompt and the staff is well sound with the dishes they server so ask them if you’re confused.

Thalis is just a small portion of what they serve, and we are eager to try down their other dishes especially the prawn’s fry but till the please visit Radhakrishna and let us know your feedback in the comment section.


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