Eatery Nashik

Food Review: The Eatery, Soul food served with passion

Verdict: Decent place for a quick meal, no frills.
Rating: 4/5
Table For Two: 700 Rs.Address: Kailas Sagar Apartment, Near Icchamani Pan Stall, Ayodhya Colony, Date Nagar, Beyond Atharva Mangal Karyalay, Gangapur Road

Nashik has seen a handful of new restaurants popping up from in last few months. From dessert-only places to a full fledged cafe’s, the city has got some exciting options for food enthusiasts to try out.  One such place which we stumbled upon was the eatery, a small tucked away restaurant located in Savarkar nagar.

Generally, we are accustomed to a lengthy menu with exactly the same dishes at every other restaurant and very few restaurants dare to take a risk by eliminating the unnecessary dishes and focus on a small and limited menu. This is USP of eatery they have very handful dishes so there is no confusion about what to choose.

They serve both Veg and Non-Veg food, however, we found the menu more inclined toward the non-vegetarian side. Also, the owners cook the food and all the recipes and spices which are used are homemade. We found a lot of interesting picks from the menu like Sajuk Tup Biryani (Biryani in desi ghee), Burgers in the hand-rolled patty, grill mint chicken, and Muttonchops.

Eatery Nashik
Kothimbir Wadi at Eatery Nashik
Eatery Nashik
Chicken Masala at Eatery Nashik
Eatery Nashik
Eatery Special Paneer Eatery Nashik
Eatery Nashik
Chicken Biryani Eatery Nashik
Eatery Nashik
Caramel Custard Eatery Nashik

Taste is amazing and you can feel that food is not made from premade gravies and with heavy preservatives. So even after a heavy meal, you don’t feel bloated. We ended our meal with caramel custard and it was very well made.

Overall we had a decent experience service is a bit slow but it was worth the wait. The price range is 200-300 so a meal for two will cost you around 700 bucks.




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