Anna Misal Meher Nashik

Five great Misal-Pav places in Nashik you haven’t heard before

From the last couple of years, Nashik is becoming a destination for Misal Pav, this quintessential Maharashtrian breakfast is un-doubtfully the most consumed breakfast dish in the city and hence to cater this hunger hundreds of Misal jointsa spread across the city. Where most of the popular places attract general the crowd, few hardcore foodies prefer to have misal at old school misal places, the hotels known for their spicy misal and simplicity. So we have dug five misal pav places with great taste but still unknown to the majority of the people.

Bhamre Misal, CIDCO
Address: Badade Nagar, Shivaji Chowk, Old Cidco, Shanti Nagar, Nashik, Maharashtra 422009
Hours: 9 to 2:30 PM
Phone: 088053 57658

Bhamre Misal Cidco
Bhamre Misal Cidco

Soham Misal

Address: Borgad Chawfuli, Prabhat Nagar, Nashik, Maharashtra 422004

Soham Misal Mhasarul
Soham Misal Mhasarul

Om Tea House

Address: Bhadrakali Karanja, Nashik, Maharashtra
Hours: 7AM–9PM
Phone: 086058 03333

Om Tea House Bhadrakali Misal
Om Tea House Bhadrakali Misal

4. Ganga Tea House

Address: Gangaghat, Nashik, Maharashtra
Phone: 0253 259 5512

Ganga Tea House Misal
Ganga Tea House Misal

5. Anna Misal (Hand cart) 

Address: Near Meher Signal

Anna Misal Meher Nashik
Anna Misal Meher Nashik

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