Mad Patties Burger Nashik

Fireside chat with Mad Patties, your craving for perfect burger is over

We all know the pain behind not having a decent burger joint in the city, those who claim to have a burger on their menu are serves nothing but some pre-made frozen patties between the bread. So when we heard a home chef is started flipping handmade patties in the city we couldn’t hide our excitement! “Mad Patties” started by a Nashik based Home Chef Rhea, is a  burger joint serving handmade gourmet burgers every weekend. Their modus operandi is very simple. A post with the weekly special burger goes live on their social media every Friday and you can order their burgers through messaging during the weekend.

We have a fireside chat with them recently and this is what they have to say.

“The rise of fast food chains in Nashik has done its part to put this slowly growing city on the map but has done very little when it comes to introducing people to what we can call “Good Food. The necessity of a good burger in this town is dire! By good burger, I don’t mean the frozen patty-stale bread-fake cheese-barely there sauce-burger. I mean, a burger that tingles your taste-buds. A burger that leaves an impact. And out of that necessity, Mad Patties was born. Being a culinary enthusiast, it was essential for me to make sure that my friends were getting the best culinary experience too, which was, even more, encouragement to start up my venture.”

“Mad Patties bakes fresh bread every working morning, creates sauces & patties from scratch, and to top it all off, they serve their gourmet burgers with beautiful homemade desserts! All that, at affordable prices. What more does a burger aficionado want!”

“So far, we’ve truly loved the response Nashik has given us, and we look forward to providing you with a newer, crazier experience each weekend!”

To order:  Facebook Page

Call: 073870 16169



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