Kanda Bhaji Sula Brute

Pairing wine with an authentic Maharashtrian food

When you think about wine and food pairing, fine food is what comes to our mind, Breaking this status quo Sula Vineyards is offering wine with Indian dishes and local flavors. Recently they have come up with a few local dishes on their menu which are becoming popular due to the familiarity of the cuisines with the patrons.

These dishes consist Kand Bhaji, Fish Koliwada, Khakra and few other dishes which are quite popular and known widely consumed all over the country.

Kanda Bhaji Sula Brute

Kanda Bhaji or Onion fritters are a popular fried dish in India usually consumed along side India’s favorite drink Chai or Tea and considered as a staple food during monsoon season. Encashing this popularity Sula has introduced the dish, and these fritters are an ideal combination with their Sparkling wine “Brut” according to them. Khakra is another crisp bread from the land of Gujrath made with flour and sprinkled with spices.

Kanda Bhaji Sula Brute

For the meat lovers, you can relish “Fish Koliwada” a juicy and spicy fried fish cutlets, usually prepared with Ravas or Indian Salmon with a mixture of authentic Maharashtrian spices and gram flour.

Right after they have introduced these dishes, they’re started getting good traction from their patrons and people are not hesitant to try this new experience. Since the culture of wine is still adopting in Indian society this move of putting known flavors on the menu might attract people and will surely give a good direction to newer experiments in future.




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