Wordcamp Nashik 2016

What to expect from Wordcamp Nashik 2017

WordCamps started in 2006 has been proved successful in changing the lives of millions. Everyone’s first WordCamp is an entry to the WordPress community which will be with you forever. This article is dedicated to those who aren’t familiar to the WordPress world and the community. If you’re known to everything, there’s still something for you in the article. Here you’ll know what you can expect in WordCamp Nashik this year. 🙂

Wordcamp Nashik 2017
Wordcamp Nashik 2017

In this post, I’ll tell you about:

What is a WordPress Camp? (WordCamp)
What benefits do you and the community get?
How was WordCamp Started?
What you can expect in WordCamp Nashik 2017?
What is a WordPress Camp? (WordCamp)

WordPress Camp, popularly known as WordCamp is an event which welcomes all the Tech Influencers, Bloggers, Developers and Designers of all kinds throughout the world. All the ones who wanna learn WordPress and other Web Techniques are also welcomed. This event is a get-together of all professionals in tech industry. If you’re a noob beginner, you are the most welcome because you’ll not be a noob anymore after you attend a WordCamp.

In a WordCamp, there are sessions hosted by voluntarily speaking experts who like sharing their experiences and knowledge to the WordPress community. You get a chance to share your knowledge with others and make your WordPress circle on social media. Everyone is an important part of the community including the beginners. Not only Talk sessions, but there are some Panel Discussions and some amazing activities throughout the day of WordCamp. You can learn new things and experiences by having a talk with speakers and the community. This is how your life changes and you become a self-proclaimed WordPresser!

What benefits do you and the community get?

You’re a part of the community and the benefit you receive is a gift from the community itself. The gift is pretty simple. Its Knowledge and Experience. Moreover, there are some more interesting gifts you receive. Friends and Swags! Swag is something which is very popular in WordPress community.

But, the real advantage you receive is ‘Learning’. For which you join a WordCamp. This is something you’ll receive in every WordCamp. 😉

What can you expect in WordCamp Nashik 2017?

Expect ‘big‘ this time. Because this is gonna be a big event. The event which will be worthy and more worthy you can think of. Its the second edition of WordCamp Nashik. After hosting a successful event of WordCamp Nashik 2016 last year, we’re out again this time, with a big arm, with more experience and a new energy. Seems like I said more than enough. 😉

Expect for….

  • Knowledge
  • Good Breakfast
  • Experts in Happiness Bar
  • Support of the crew throughout the day
  • Descriptive Sessions
  • Mouth Watering lunch
  • Panel Discussions among experts
  • Workshops
  • Swags (Including T-Shirt)
  • A photo studio for an excellent DP
  • Sponsor Swags
  • Job Hiring from Sponsors
  • Twitter Contest
  • A large sized networking area
  • Amazing After Party!
  • And much more…

When you expect, its our responsibility to give out the best we can. You may take a look at WordCamp Nashik 2016 here. Be sure you contact us or follow us on Twitter @wcnashik for suggestions which are always welcome! Stay tuned. 😀


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