Paiso Ka Ped by My FM

India’s first and the largest radio reality show Paiso Ka Ped starts off with a boom!

‘Paiso Ka Ped is not just a battle to win money, it is a battle to win against yourself’

India’s first and the largest radio reality show Paiso Ka Ped starts off with a boom!

Paiso Ka Ped by My FM
Paiso Ka Ped by My FM

104.2MYFM with Vaishnavi Electricals has brought forward a historical event at City Central Mall called ‘ Paiso Ka Ped’. It is not just a passing by event. It is an event that will create history in the calendar of Nashik. Paiso Ka Ped is all set with its twenty-one determined and hardworking contestants to create moments to be cherished for many lives to come.

One of these contestants will win a grand prize of 3 lakh rupees and all that he/she has to do it stick to the ‘ Ped’ for 72 hours, day in and day out. 6th July is the day to be remembered and talked about by Nashikkars for it was D- Day when these twenty-one contestants set out on their journey towards winning Paiso Ka Ped.

Paiso Ka Ped by My FM
Paiso Ka Ped by My FM

To start off this grandeous event, all the contestants underwent hours of eye-smacking makeup and hair styling. Because when we look good, we feel good ! Post their make up, 104.2 MYFM started off a rally at 4 pm in luxury cars from Mumbai Naka. The rally took them to places in Nashik for they wanted this a ‘Nashik’s event’ and not just theirs. Various places were covered, starting off with Gadkari Chowk, CBS, Ashok Stambh, Marathon chowk, Old Gangapur Naka, Canada Corner, College Road, Bhosla circle, Mahatma Nagar, ABB circle and ended with City Centre Mall at 6.30 PM.

Taking the blessing of the one supreme, Paiso Ka Ped began! Various tasks, games and jamming sessions were held for these contestants. Who said this was going to be easy, anyway? With the morning of 7th July, came a news that made some emotional. One of the contestants after doing Yoga and Meditation was so relaxed that she left her hand from the rope of Paiso Ka Ped. One mistake took her chance from winning 3 lakh rupees.Now there are twenty top contestants and three more days to go.

let’s see who takes  back the title of ‘ Winner of Paiso Ka Ped’.

For more updates stay tuned to 104.2MYFM and


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