Paiso Ka Ped Nashik

India’s first and the biggest radio reality show called  ‘Paiso Ka Ped’ starts today.

‘Four days of endless determination, three nights with one dream and twenty one unique contestants fighting for one common goal — goal to win Paiso Ka Ped’

One who continuously holds the tree for 72 hours wins the grand cash prize of 3 lakh rupees!


Paiso Ka Ped, like the name suggests is a tree made for reward, with a twist. Just like nothing comes easy in life, for one to win the cash prize of 3 lakh rupees has to entail within himself qualities that 104.2MYFM  is looking for.  104.2MYFM with Vaishnavi Electricals has brought forward this platform for all those people who carry themselves with determination, passion, resilience and courage to make their dreams turn into reality. All these people have to do is stick to the tree all day and night for 72 hours.

Paiso Ka Ped Nashik
Paiso Ka Ped Nashik

This historical Paiso Ka Ped invited over thousand registrations in a due course of one month. More than five hundred participants cleared the first round of audition that tested their physical and mental strength. Hundred contestants made it to the second round of grilling personal interview.  Post medical check up, twenty-one finalists are chosen who are not only strong, but are spontaneous, confident and passionate. They are all set to battle against each other on the grounds of Paiso Ka Ped held from 6th-9th July in City Central Mall, Nashik. The event starts today at 6 pm sharp. Come, be a part of this historical moment for Nashik is set on creating one. To know the latest updates on Paiso Ka Ped, stay tuned to 104.2MYFM and Just

  1. Since one month, Nashik has seen the fever of Paiso Ka Ped.
  2. More than 1500 registrations for Paiso Ka Ped.
  3. 500 participants cleared the first round of audition.
  4. 100 participants cleared the second round of personal interview that were held at the office of 104.2MYFM.
  5. 50 chosen participants were sent for medical check up
  6. Finally 21 finalists are ready to win the first and the biggest radio reality show of ‘ Paiso ka Ped’.
  7. These contestants are on their journey to win the historical Paiso Ka Ped at City Centre Mall that starts today from 6pm onwards.

Twenty-one contestants with twenty-one dreams but only one will make it till the end. Nashik is creating history.

Where are you?


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