Treasure Hunt Go, A Pokemon go like treasure hunt game for Nashik

Treasure Hunt Go is a locations based augmented reality game coupled around treasure hunting concept.

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The story of Treasure Hunt Go begins with,
Thousand of years ago, our ancestors hid a secret treasure somewhere in our beloved city Nashik, the treasure so big, the treasure so unique, that the one who finds it would become the richest person in the world! For many years, people tried to find that treasure, men gave their lives, however no one could ever find it.

Slowly, with each new generation, the story of the hidden treasure started becoming a fairy tale. Mothers would tell their toddlers the adventurous stories of treasure hunters as bed time stories. Eventually, people forgot about the treasure completely.

Circa 2016,  Man invented augmented reality. We can see the stuff now that our normal natural eyes cannot. Could it be that our ancestors were so advanced that they already had that technology in those times? Anyhow, There are certain people, who don’t want to be named (the developers of this game…shhhhh….), believe that they have created a certain weapon (a.k.a. this game) with which men can find that hidden treasure.

It goes without saying that the one who hunts down this treasure would become the richest person in this new world of augmented reality. All you need now is a mobile phone, data pack, extra battery pack! (Oh, just make sure that you have treasure hunt go installed on your phone)

Do you have courage to take up this challenge & find & be the rightful owner of that secret treasure?You have been waiting for that one adventure of lifetime,
You have prayed to the Gods to bless you with his luck, to give you fortune. This is it. You are looking, rather reading, at that opportunity! Grab it with your both hands (oh, just one, coz you are holding a mobile phone in other, silly me).

Download Games:

Treasure Hunt Go Pokemon Go like game by Zabuza Labs Nashik
Treasure Hunt Go Pokemon Go like game by Zabuza Labs Nashik
Treasure Hunt Go Pokemon Go like game by Zabuza Labs Nashik
Treasure Hunt Go Pokemon Go like game by Zabuza Labs Nashik





















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Game Play:
You start with a certain location. You have to physically go to that spot. You can always track your location from the game itself.
Once you reach the spot, you’ll see a trivia question about a place in your city. Answer the question right, and you’ll see a treasure in augmented reality, grab it by clicking on it. And you’ll get a clue for your next location. Repeat until you reach your destination & there you shall find the secret treasure.
At each location, after solving a puzzle, you’ll get few coins that you can use on your journey to unlock the hints should you stuck anywhere.

Go on, my friend, have courage, patience & a battery pack & the treasure is yours.

Please note that, as a beta testing, this game is available only in Nashik, before releasing it to other cities in India & then eventually the whole world.

Download Games


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