5 Must have vegeterian dishes from Nashik

Here we bring you our top picks of vegetarian dishes you can’t miss in Nashik. While Nashik have huge influence of Khandesh region most of these dishes are slightly inclined towards cooking style of Khandesh.


Popular with all vegetarian lovers this is most widely consumed veg dish in Nashik,  Shev bhaji is made with gram flour noodles aka Shev and spicy gravy made with onions, tomato , and ginger-garlic and few khandeshi spices.

Where to eat: Through Roadside dhaba’s serves it best, This dish is available almost every where.

Patwadi Amti
Patwadi Amti

‘Patwadi Amti’ is a traditional preparation of Vidarbha Region.  If you are from Vidarbha,  you might have heard about it. At many places it is popular wedding menu dish.

It contains Patawadi and Curry(Amti). Patodi is cooked with Bengal Gram Flour and few basic spices and Curry is prepared using grated coconut, onion and assorted spices.

Where to eat: Modern Cafe, Gangapur Road


A staple breakfast of Nashik, Misal pav litearlly means the mixture of Sprouts, spicy gravy topped with raw onions and shev.

Where to eat: Tushar Misal Pav College Road, Sadguru Restaurant, Trimurti Chowk, CIDCO.

Modern Cafe Nashik Thali
Modern Cafe Nashik Thali

Mini Lunch thali at modern café is a pure bliss, It consist two vegetables, Masala Bhat,Chapti and Kadhi. A perfect meal one can have. Very mild spices and hygienic food is USP of Modern café.

Modern Cafe, Gangapur Road, Nashik

Bataa Jalebi Budha Halwai
Batata Jalebi Budha Halwai

“Upwas” (Fast) friendly version of a popular indian dessert Jalebi, Batata Jalebi is quite popular and rare dish made at legendary Budha Halwai at Old Nashik.

Where to get: Budha Halwai,Nashik.


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