2016 WCEU Vienna

Wordcamp 2016 (A WordPress meetup) has been announced for Nashik


Buy tickets: https://2016.nashik.wordcamp.org/tickets/

WordCamp is a conference held globally to discuss about WordPress and its associated businesses. Professionals in the field of blogging, social media, business and education use this as a platform for sharing knowledge and meeting like-minded people. As per the guidance of WordCamp.org , these events are organized, paid for, and attended by local WordPress communities.

The first WordCamp was organized in San Francisco by Matt Mullenweg in 2006, and since then local communities around the world have organized hundreds of others.

These WordCamps are organized by group of volunteer’s right from setting up meetups locally, building the meetup group and planning the big WordCamp day. Being a volunteer or an organizer is not a paid job. All these efforts are made voluntarily to increase the community and awareness of WordPress.


Nashik is country’s most promising city, Apart from being Wine Capital of India, and renowned for its Heritage, Nashik is moving forward to make its roots stronger in the field of IT. Nashik is one of the few upcoming locations that offer good connectivity, excellent availability of talent and ready infrastructure for companies look at setting up their units in the shortest possible time.

WordCamp Nashik will give a platform for WordPress users and business owners the opportunity to connect with people in their own community, as well as those who have travelled in to the event, a chance to network, connect, collaborate and learn from each other.

It’s inexpensive : If you think it’s an expensive event, drop that from your mind. As this is the Inaugural WordCamp for Nashik, you will only pay $4-$6 i.e Rs 300 – 500. We will share a separate post once we start to sell tickets online. Of course, when you’re attending your local WordCamp, you won’t have to pay for hotel or travel expenses and moreover it will be a one day event.

Learn New things : Apart from learning session, you will get more than a handful of valuable takeaways at WordCamp Nashik. You can gain insights into things you don’t know, get lessons from beginner designer/developer talks, and more. For a designer or developer, there’s probably even more valuable information and specifics on topics you may not know much about yet.

You’ll be inspired : Not only will you learn great knowledge, but you’ll also be inspired and get motivated. You will inspired by brilliant WordPress users in your niche. At the end of day you will have takeaways from the people who inspired or motivated you during the sessions at WordCamp Nashik.

New Connections : Networking, networking, and more networking. If nothing else, that’s what you’ll gain from WordCamp Nashik. Auditorium will be full of like-minded people. There will be some local attendees and others who have traveled from afar. Either way, you’ll establish great connections and even friendships by going to WordCamp.

Local Meetup Group : WordCamps are put on for WordPress users by local WordPress users. You can get familiar with local Nashik WordPress organizers and volunteers. You can further take part in local meetups.


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