The Doodle Cafe Nashik

Food Review: The Doodle Cafe

Address: Opp.Ram Mandir,Pumping Station Rd,Gangapur Rd, Nasik (Nashik), India 422013

Phone: 095275 69100

Are you avid fan of burgers but tired of having frozen patties burgers? There is good news for you all! The Doodle Cafe, a newly open hangout near pumping station offers you handcrafted burgers, hot-dogs and few other fast-food staples at pocket friendly prices.

Burgers at Doodle Cafe
Burgers at Doodle Cafe

Their menu mainly consist of fast food staples and few desi dishes like kebabs. We tried their Chicken Burgers and found them very decent. Getting handcrafted burgers was a surprise as there is a common trend of  frozen patties all over the city. Burger was nicely made with caramelized onions, fresh patty. They were out of sausages so we couldn’t taste the hot dogs.

Burgers at Doodle Cafe
Burgers at Doodle Cafe

The place was recently started and we’re eager to taste some of their other dishes soon. Due to its location you can experience calmness from the traffic and noise.

Burgers at Doodle Cafe
Burgers at Doodle Cafe

So the nice ambiance, good food and good people makes The Doodle Cafe a place to visit at least once. Please share your experience of this place in the comments section below.


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