Bhandardara Camping

Camping locations near Nashik perfect for your weekend

  1. Anjaneri, How to reach: By Bike/By Bus (Approx 20 KM from Nashik)
Anjaneri Fort in nashik (Perfect Trekking Destination in Nashik)
Anjaneri, Nashik

2. Vasind , How to reach: (1 h 30 min (103.9 km) via NH 3)

Vasind Camping
Vasind Camping

3. Bhandardara, How to reach: (1 h 34 min (73.6 km) via NH 3) 

Bhandardara Camping
Bhandardara Camping

4. Harishchandra Gad, How to reach: (2 h 36 min (110.1 km) via NH 3)

Harishchandra Gad
Harishchandra Gad

5. Sandan Valley, How to reach: (Approx 90 KM from Nashik located near Kalsubai Peak)

Sandan Valley Nashik
Sandan Valley Nashik (Courtesy- Makhdoomali Girkar)




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