Bhandardara Camping

Camping locations near Nashik perfect for your weekend

Anjaneri, How to reach: By Bike/By Bus (Approx 20 KM from Nashik) 2. Vasind , How to reach: (1 h 30 min (103.9 km) via NH 3) 3. Bhandardara, How to reach: (1 h 34 min (73.6 km) via NH 3)  4. Harishchandra Gad, How to reach: (2 h 36 min (110.1 km) via NH 3) 5. Sandan Valley, How to reach: (Approx 90 KM from Nashik located near Kalsubai Peak)     Continue reading Camping locations near Nashik perfect for your weekend


ZaraHutke Weekend gateways

This is a guest post by Team (An Offbeat Stay Providers)  Mumbai is surrounded by beautiful places which can be easily visited over a weekend. And if you are travel buff who enjoys exploring new places now and then, you are literally spoiled for choices when it comes to weekend getaways near Mumbai. Whether you are looking for a place to rejuvenate or just … Continue reading ZaraHutke Weekend gateways

Bramhagiri Nashik

Monsoon weekend gateways near nashik

1. Bramhagiri: Situated in Trimabkeshwar, A 25 KM ride from Nashik, Bramhagiri is origin of river Godavari, There is Lord Shiva temple on top of the mountain. 2. Anjaneri: Anjaneri is known as birth place of lord Hanuman, a perfect trekking destination in monsoon. Around 20 KM ride from Nashik 3. Kalsubai Mountain: Biggest peak in Maharashtra, Biggest attraction of trekkers and adventure freaks. 4. Pandav Caves: Pandu … Continue reading Monsoon weekend gateways near nashik

Salher Fort in nashik (Perfect Trekking Destination in Nashik)

Perfect trekking destinations near nashik

1.Ramshej Fort was remain Invincible by mughal attacks for many years. All the mughal commanders came with the intentions to conquer this fort was loosed against Marathi king “Chatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj” and commander of the fort Suryaji Jedhe. Unlike all the other forts in Maharshtra this fort is not surrounded by any Impassable region but situated on plain land.You can visit this fort during monsoon or … Continue reading Perfect trekking destinations near nashik