Nashik Peloton 2016

Nashik Peloton 2016 by Nashik Cyclist Foundation

Nashik Cyclist Foundation has arranged “Peloton 2016” a Bicycle Competition to promote the Cycling Field, also to increase the use of Bicycles and keeping Nashik’s environment clean. Cycling has become inseparable part of Nashik. Passion for cycling has now become fashion as cycling has competitive nature. Spreading awareness among Nashikkars about cycling and increase the use of bicycles for keeping Nashik’s environment clean, Nashik Cyclist Foundation arranges Peloton Competition each year.

Nashik Peloton 150 km cycle race Starting Saturday 9th January 2016, 6 am Nashik Peloton invites cycle riders from all across India who are willing to test their endurance, stamina through a 150 km group race. Nashik Peloton offers you scenic passes through 5 dams, National Highway, State Highways, Rough Roads and while you drive through Rocky mountains of Sahyadri standing high along with your route. Cool climate, peculiar route, caring hosts & magnanimous prizes are waiting you.

Nashik Peloton 2016
Nashik Peloton 2016

Prize Distribution ceremony is arrange on Sunday, 10th January 2016, 6 PM at Thakkar Dome, Near City Center Mall, Untwadi, Nashik. With presence of Hindi film Star Sunil Shetty  as a chief


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