Zabuza Labs Team Nashik

Marathi Shabdakode Game by Nashik Based mobile company Zabuza Labs

Zabuza labs, a company which pioneered Mobile Game Development culture in Nashik city has come up with their new mobile game for Android phones called “Marathi Shabdakode” (Marathi Crossword Puzzle).

Marathi Shabdakode by Zabuza Labs
Marathi Shabdakode by Zabuza Labs

Game play of “Marathi Shabdakode” consist 50 different levels, In which player has to drag and make a complete word to solve puzzle with the help of hints. Similar to what we used to do in News paper crossword puzzles. “Our aim is to increase awareness and interest of Marathi language among cell phone users” Said Mr. Manas Gajre

Game is listed on Google Play and available as a free download at this link

Zabuza Labs Team Nashik
Zabuza Labs Team

Zabuza labs is making amazing mobile games since last few years. Few of their games have beaten Angry Birds in google play rankings with more than 2.5 Million downloads .We’ve talked about Zabuza Labs before in our section entrepreneurs in Nashik (Link) Mr.Manas Gajare and his fellow developers have achieved this success of which city like Nashik is really unheard of. Breaking the status quo, these guys are working to develop more cool stuff, right from apps which can help you solve critical mathematics problems to some really amazing games.

Game download Link –

Game Video Link –


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