Egg pizza at Sandy's Recipe

Food Review: Sandy’s Recipe, Upnagar

Verdict: Typical place with something ‘else’ on the menu!

Today we’re talking about a place which has been running around from last 5 years but haven’t been noticed by most of the people in they City, Sandy’s Recipe a usual looking restaurant tucked away in a small apartment in upnagar. They have an average seating arrangements and mughlai, chinese, punjabi food on their menu. Nothing seems special! right? but wait apart from this typical menu which you’ll find in almost all restaurants across city they’ve something else to offer, Their Egg menu! Now most of us can imagine omelette, egg bhurji, egg roll, egg rice and egg curry out of an egg!  but to our surprise they have an array of dishes and that too more than 100, made from egg. This jaw-dropping menu of 108 egg dishes has curries, snacks, pizzas and what not!

As we were completely new to this menu we asked Sandy’s owner to help us choose our meal, He cooked some 4 dishes for us a soup, egg pizza, roti scotch, egg kurkure. Food to table time was average. Egg pizza was two egg omelettes stuffed with some spice mixture and topped with generous amount of cheese, Roti scotch was a deep-fried paratha roll  with eggs and sauces inside , and egg kurkure was boiled eggs fried and topped with mayonese. Each dish was prepared with care with no pungent sauces and spices. Egg pizza was the best out of four followed by egg kurkure, roti scotch and soup.

Egg pizza at Sandy's Recipe
Egg pizza at Sandy’s Recipe
Roti Scoth at Sandy's Recipe
Roti Scoth at Sandy’s Recipe

What made our experience worth was attentive owner and staff and cost over quantity. Every dish had nice portions suitable for 2 people. Food however was decent and change to palate from regular punjabi gravies. A heavy dose of starters restricted us from having their main course, but we’re planning visit soon for that. Most of the dishes priced between 50-150. Apart from this they have usual restaurant menu also which we haven’t tasted yet. In summary Sandy’s Recipe can be a great alternative for your palate and change from usual food.

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