Justnashik Entrepreneur : Manas Gajare Andriod Game Developer

Entrepreneur in the city:Manas Gajare (Android App Developer)

Almost all of us are avid fans of those cool casual mobile games.If you’re an Android user and love gaming, you might have came across a cool causal game “Balloon Bow Arrow“. The game has been downloaded by more than a million people worldwide. It even surpassed games like angry birds in “Top Free Games” list managed by Google in India for almost a week.

Justnashik Entrepreneur : Manas Gajare Andriod Game Developer
Justnashik Entrepreneur : Manas Gajare Andriod Game Developer

Now the irony of Bow Balloon Arrow is it has been developed by team of developers from our beloved city Nashik.Mr.Manas Gajare and his fellow developers have achieved this success of which city like Nashik is really unheard of. Breaking the status quo, these guys are working to develop more cool stuff, right from apps which can help you solve critical mathematics problems to some really amazing games.

Team of Justnashik just had a small talk with their founder and CEO Mr. Manas Gajare and he shared really interesting facts with us.

1.Let’s start, Tell us about your venture.
Ans: We’re a start-up working on android apps development from past two and half years. We have published over 200 android apps both paid and free. Ranging from games to privacy apps and even apps that help let you solve complex maths problems.

2.How does your journey begin ?
Ans. I always had this ‘keeda’ of starting something on my own. Right from the college, I was part of team of developers who used to develop custom applications. We used to do that on part time basis. After college, we went our separate ways and I started working full time for the co.

3.So, are you into custom app development?
Ans.No, We are only focused on our own products right now. In future, we might open ourselves up to taking custom app development projects.

4.Which are your famous apps till now?
Ans. Our causal game Balloon Bow Arrow is a great hit. As you know, it had also made its way into the list of top free games, which is a big deal. Apart from games, our mathematics related apps are also doing good.

5.How do you make your earning from these apps?
Ans. We make Paid apps which directly contributes to our revenue. We implement ads in our free apps that help us generate revenue.

6.That’s about Android what about other Apps platform like iPhone ?
Ans.We have started development on iOS apps. We are new to iOS ecosystem, so it might take time to get first few apps on market.

7.What is your advice to the people who wish to get into Android app development?
Ans. You should have strong knowledge of programming in Java. That’s a prerequisite. There are many tutorials available on the internet for actual android app development. Due to open platform of android, there is huge competition and for each app there are many ‘me-too’ apps. So your app must stand out from all those competitors’ apps in order to succeed.

8.Okay, so how do you get all these ideas for your apps?
Ans. Mostly brainstorming. Sometimes it just strikes you out of nowhere.

9.So apart from your what do you really like to spend your time with.
Ans. Cubing (Rubik’s cube solving), reading, watching movies, studying mathematics.

10.What are your advice for future entrepreneurs.
Ans. Never give up. Never. Have extreme determination. Determination comes only if you are really passionate about what you are doing. So be passionate about your work.

Download their apps: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Manas+Gajare

Website : http://dexterltd.com/


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