Go Goa Gone Just Nashik Movie Review

Justnashik Movie Review: Go Goa Gone.

Go Goa Gone Just Nashik Movie Review
Go Goa Gone Just Nashik Movie Review

Verdict : **1/2

Imagine, you are stuck on an island with your two best friends, a hot chick, a Russian (Delhi ka) Mafia who possesses endless ammunition. But the twist comes when the island is full of Zombies.
Yes, it’s an Indian Zombie movie or it is a Zom-Com as makers have advertised it. Story of three friends Luv (Vir Das), Hardik (Kunal Khemu) and Bunny (Anand Tiwari). Story moves ahead quickly with lots of references to Marijuana, Roach, Binge Drinking, make ups and break up. It even introduces some raunchy jokes in the way to which we can laugh out loud.
Each of three gets a reason to go to Goa and have a blast. There they attend a rave party. Meanwhile, a hot chick called Luna (Puja Gupta) is introduced. Saif Ali Khan makes grand entry as Russian Mafia Boris. Party is over and later morning, it is discovered that everyone has turned into zombie (yes, except our 3 friends, hot chick, Boris and his aid).
Rest of the film follows the journey of these five people killing zombies with every possible weapon (even a bazooka) and trying to get away from island. Do they succeed or not, you have to watch the film.
Previous films of director duo Raj and Krishna DK (99, Shor in the City) have increased our expectation. But to make film more commercial, the use of unnecessarily explicit and to some extent vulgar jokes (“Hardik” being one) loosens the script. Merely 95 minute movie gets you somewhat bored at the climax and yes it lives the hint of sequel.
Performances are good overall, music is catchy. A tight script would have made this movie into a cult.


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