Good People Together For Good Cause.


The art and craft society of Nashik is leading and renowned organisation where all expert artists from various art faculties work together for maintaining and developing their art and skills. The precious objective of society is to create awareness among the people for various arts. Art is the thing which is interesting and very close to our heart. With the help of art we can feel colors to our life and make our life memorable and beautiful.

There are many artists who are away from away from main stream but silently and consistently they are contributing to the society by doing classic forms of their art and craft. The art and Craft Society of Nashik is taking initiative to explore such artist and their masterpieces. Their continuous efforts of creating platform and provide exposure are really appreciable.

The art and craft society strongly stand on their vision of all good artists should come together and show their talent to the people around the society so that their work should be noticeable and felicitate those artists. It will create a platform to those entire artists. That will also helpful to inspire other people to join them. The main objectives of Art and Craft society is to Exhibit the various art forms, providing workshops of various well-known faculties in their respective fields.

The art and Craft Society also propose to introduce educational tours for interested student to various historical places who are witness of rich heritage of Indian art forms. This will be great cause for all artists. The joy which will come out from these things will be countless and cannot be determine in words.

The Art and Craft Society, Nashik have welcomed all artists and all interested people who always want to learn something new, to join this quality cause and learn, promote and explore the art within your soul.

However indirect commercial benefit and guidance will be also passed to the members to keep member more active and to contribute more and more. Society has planted a bush with their best sincere efforts and they are very much sure that with continuous sharpening their effort will form a gigantic tree.

Contact Details –

Mrs Shubhangi Bairagi.   Mobile No- (+91) 98500 78097,

Prof. Daulat Kumar. Mobile No – (+91) 93720 12365


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