Nashik Gig Alert Born Of Unity.

Just Nashik Gig Alert: Born Of Unity

Date and Time: 7February 2013  Thursday ,5:30pm until 9:45pm

Venue: Vrindavan Lawns, Gangapur Road, Opp. Hotel Red Chilly, Nasik

Nashik Gig Alert Born Of Unity.
Nashik Gig Alert Born Of Unity.

For Passes Contact:250/-Rs.

  1. Tushar sonawane – 8698698714
  2. Varun Gopalkrishnan – 9820502008
  3. Akash Watekar – 9021151953
  4. Brock- 7588307855
  5. Soham Godbole – 9923181494

The lineup for this event is 

1) Zygnema (Headliner) – is a Mumbai based heavy/thrash groove metal band that mainly focuses on the social/political “fuck-ups” and loves to dig deep down on riffs that are heavy and groove oriented.

Formed in August 2005, Zygnema is particularly known for their immensely energetic and aggressive live performances. With a list of versatile compositions from their debut album “Born of Unity”, the band has been on a rampage, ripping every stage they step on.

Zygnema has been featured on VH1 to nominate the names of various artists for Grammy awards in 2007 – ROLLING STONE magazine December 2009 edition in the ARTIST MUST WATCH Section – Metal Hammer March 2010 (UK edition) and MTV for various reasons.

Website –

2) Diabolic Lords – (Winner of IIMA Launchpad 2012)
Diabolic Lords is an Extreme Metal act from Nashik. Our very first and the most influential band was formed in September 2010. The word ‘diabolic’ is derived from a Latin word which can be explained as ‘devilish’. Their music represents the changed human behavior towards other and the cruel humanity in the world.

Page –

3) Halahkuh – A four piece death/thrash metal band from Pune, which was formed in January 2011. The band has played at a number of college fests around Pune. The name ‘Halahkuh’ is derived from the archaic hindi word ‘Halaku’ which means fallen angels (the angels who disobey god and are damned forever) that torture souls in hell.

Page –

4) Sense Of Tumour – A Progressive Metal/Heavy Metal
band, Sense of tumor is the second most influential band from Nashik . An ambient progressive band who are ready to knock your heads off \m/.

Page –

And last but not the least, we have Jokurse, a controversial band, whose lineup nor a proper location is known, who would be opening for Zygnema this event. Jokurse will be a total surprise.

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