Cruising Godz nashik

The cruising godz of the city.

Cruising gods are proud owner of Royal Enfield, here are Cruising Godz describing them selves,”Embark on a new mission, make your own road and get ready to explore a unique motorcycling experience. With Cruising Godz, you can post your own ride and let other motorcycling enthusiasts join you on City Rides, Long Rides & Night Rides.
Mountains. Meadows. Deserts. Beaches. Forests. Crowded Streets. Desolate hills. Treacherous Twines. No matter what, a true biker relishes every terrain.
It’s such a reviving experience to just saddle up and hit the road, burn rubber and add mile upon mile, as you reach for lands few people have been to before. It’s what a true biker does, letting the road lead him on to newer adventures or adventures leading to newer roads.
Share your knowledge, post technical queries or just showcase your passion for your Royal En field with like minded folk. Be a part of these discussions.
Remember to always ride safe, use a full face helmet and wear proper riding gear”

Check out pictures of there recent 26th January social cause rally.

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