Just Diwali First Online Diwali Magazine of Nashik

Just Diwali : Nashik’s First Online Diwali Magazine is Launched,Click Here

Diwali Nashik

We’re happy to announced that Just Nashik is taking initiative to publish nashik’s first online Diwali magazine “Just Diwali” .We’ve been hopping all the Nashik streets from past few days for taking interviews and clicking pictures of the streets,food and what not!All this efforts are compiled into a simple 6 page online magazine where you can browse information of food ,shopping,photographs of Nashik street and stories and poems submitted by our readers.You can visit this magazine on this link https://justnashik.com/diwali

You can also feature on nashik’s first online Diwali magazine with your art works,photograps,stories and poems by sending them on omkar@justnashik.com or editor@justnashik.com for more details you can follow this link https://justnashik.com/diwali-contest/

We thanks all the people who worked to create and launch this magazine without your efforts ,help and guidelines it was impossible.

Visit Just Diwali magazine herehttps://justnashik.com/diwali/

For any information mail us at : omkar@justnashik.com / editor@justnashik.com

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