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Food Of Nashik (Diwali Special)

Around a month before the Diwali festival starts, women, especially of my mother and grandmother’s generations, get together in each other’s kitchens in turn to make the all-important Diwali snacks. Snack-making is very much a social activity, with older women turning out a dozen or more items and young people keeping the tradition alive by making at least a few.Due to fast running lifestyle it’s a tiring job make all these preparations at home and women specially from working class are prefer to purchase all the snacks and mithai from the shops.

Chakali at Bhagawantaro Mithai Nashik Mainroad
Chakali at Bhagawantaro Mithai Nashik Mainroad

Among all the famous mithai and diwali snacks shops two names are really stands out from crowd one is “Bhagavantarao Mithai” and another is “Budha Halwai” Both are famous in heir own sweet preperations while Bhagavantarao is famous for their “Chakali” A deep-fried popular snack usually made during festive season in every house and “Anarasa” A sweet made of rice, jaggery and ghee. Budha at the other end is famous for their “Jalebi” and “Barfi” and “Gulabjamun”

Bhagawantaro Mithai Nashik Mainroad
Bhagawantaro Mithai Nashik Mainroad

All the Diwali snacks are first served to god hence all these food items have to made fresh and that’s the most challenging task.Packaged food is not the first choice hence shops like Bhagavantrao and Budha becomes food destinations for every diwali in the nashik city.During our interview with Bhagawantarao they share about their entire process of making food with us ,currently you can get all their famous food preparations at their restaurant at main road near ravivar karnja Nashik. A 100 year old Bhagawantarao is one of the oldest restaurant in Nashik quite famous in old generations of the city they have gain huge reputations from the entire grand generation due to their quality food.

Balushahi at Budha Halwai
Balushahi at Budha Halwai

Budha Halawi is another landmark in the Nashik city started in 1956 by Budhaji Lakshman Wagh ,Budha halwai are famous for their jalebi actully.But their all the other divali mithai’s like “Pakka Pedha”,”Shrikhand” and Basundi are getting popularity in past few years.

Colored Laddu at Budha Halwai
Colored Laddu at Budha Halwai

Go and taste the diwali mithai’s on the Nashik Streets.

Bhagawantarao MIthai
Main Road,Near ravivar karanja,Nashik

Budha Halwai
Tiwandha Lane ,Old Nashik,Bhadrakali ,Nashik

Shopping in Nashik

City Center Mall Nashik
City Center Mall Nashik

There is a slight breeze in the air, bright lights as they are everywhere, in the streets, on the roads in the hearts of everyone. Achieve this is captured in the magnificence of Diwali season, the festival of light. Diwali is still incomplete even a simple exchange of gifts and whatever. Diwali shopping is great enthusiasm for everyone.Diwali is not just a festival of light here in India its also a shopping festival.
Children are more excited about it. There are only two occasions on which we can demand clothes to parents as it is our right. One of them is Birth Day and other is Diwali. Diwali season is the peak season for clothing shops. So they offer more innovative sales techniques to attract customers. Malls are also not behind in these scene. Combo offers, one on one free offers can be seen everywhere.

Main Road Nashik
Main Road Nashik

DhanTrayodashi is considered as one of the best days to buy anything new. Electronic gadgets such as TV sets, refrigerator  Washing machines are bought on this day. Ornaments of gold or only pure gold is also in much demand during these days. Latest buzz is about Induction Cooking set. Due to hike in price of LPG cylinders and certain limits on it, these sets are considered as best buy for common man.

Main Road Nashik
Main Road Nashik

Most happening place in Nashik during these days is Shalimar and Main road as most of the shops displaying all the variety are placed here. Ranging form clothes to electronic gadgets and from vehicles to jewelry shops. You must visit these places at least once in Diwali days.


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