Vibrant Prayer @ Kapaleshwar Temple, Nashik


As we all know that Nashik is well known for its pious and spiritual background. There are so many historic temples and places where so many pilgrims are visiting every day from across the country.

One of the most important place in Nashik city is Kapaleshwar temple situated near panchwati. The saying about kapaleshwar temple is that lord shiv by mistakenly killed a cow (“GOHATYA”), to clean his sin the Nandi told him to go to NASHIK and take a bath in Ramkund. As per Nandi’s instruction Lord Shiva came at NASHIK and cleaned his sin by taking a bath in RAMKUND. And after that he did some JAP, aaradhana the place where now the Temple is located. 

You can also observe that this particular Shiva temple don’t have any NANDI because NANDI suggested to Lord Shiva about the taking bath in RAMKUND for cleaning his sin, and because of this Lord Shiva adopted NANDI as his GURU.

Since so many centuries there is vibrant and pious prayer happen in every Saturday night 10 PM. The prayer is open for all and the importance about this prayer that the prayer heals the human so powerfully that he could relax from all his worries and tensions. Same prayer is happens on every Monday 8.15 pm sharp. But the special prayer of kapaleshwar is on Saturday and all should experience the bliss of lord Shiva.   


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