Weekend stuff for Nasikkars


Hello  Nashikites , There is high temperature out of house and hell lot of traffic and pollution. This is how todays picture we can see in Nashik now days. But we are still lucky that naturally temperature goes down as sun started doing pack up for the day. Situation is too bad in rest of Maharashtra. At least in that case we are quite lucky.

Now all “chillar party” is tension free as their result are declared and one whole month is there to enjoy holidays. Some of them are engaged at their workshops of painting, dancing, and drama and other.

But for the people who are bonded with their jobs, duties and other responsibility, for them weekend is most precious moment and also for relax. Don’t worry I will not ask you for do something for society in weekend. But I will give you some tips for investing your weekend more productively than regular schedule.

It is ok if you wake up li’l bit late on Sunday but don’t stick to the bed upto noon. That will make your day worst. You can then take care of your garden and go with nature.

Usually people spend like hell in their weekly off but I ll give you some interesting tips that keep your pocket safe.

There are so many free stuff we can enjoy now a days in nashik also. We have 2-3 art galleries in nashik having so many wonderful exhibitions going on every day. You can go with that option if you phrase art work.

Also you can go to nearest picnic spot to your city. Also you can join some hobby classes and make your time invested.

The good idea is to implement a good idea. Whatever dreams, thoughts and idea you have saturated in your mind. Let them flow on weekend. Because that is most important thing when someone celebrating his life nicely. Isn’t it ?


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