Nashik City Bus fare to be increased

Indian government raised the prices of petroleum products 15 days ago. Its consequences are started being noticed. These consequences affect on middle class common man. First of all it was petrol price raise by almost Rs. 4, then it was Auto rickshaw fare increase by Rs.2-3. And now it is time for cheapest government travel unit, City Bus.
City Bus Fare are quite low as compared to other public transports. They are nearly half of the others. So, common man prefers to travel by it. Monthly pass system for students is quite popular as you need to pay the fare of nearly 10 days and you can travel by City bus for one whole month two times a day.
But as diesel price is also raised by Rs. 2, City Bus authorities had to raise the ticket price by Rs. 1 each. There are many more hikes are on the way. Common man better prepare for it from today only. Because it is better to prevent than cure.


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