This time Diesel and LPG get a raise

India faced huge raise in price of petrol few months back. We were just about to recover from the shock of Rs. 5 raise, when Government has thrown another bomb on the common man in India.
This time, it is turn for Diesel and Liquid Petroleum Gas Cylinder. Diesel has a raise of Rs. 3 per Liter and LPG has Rs. 50 up than usual per cylinder.
How the common man can handle such a huge raise? Some strong decisions need to be taken to avoid future raises. Either they are to be taken by Government or they will be taken by people in India.
As Diesel and LPG price are increased, it is obvious that prices of some other essential products like grocery, eatables and other would be increased. It will be quite difficult to adjust with new prices, but Indian people are quite flexible. They can bear all kinds of pressures. For them it has been part of routine.


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