When will NMC wake up?,Godavari is still dirty.

As an impact of various news and campaign , some local NGOs and people living beside godavari themselves started cleaning godavari. They removed all the water grass int the river and also the mud. But it was for 2-3 days only. Yesterday, on 11th May, suddenly a layer foam came over the surface of the river. It is said that, it was due to pouring … Continue reading When will NMC wake up?,Godavari is still dirty.

“Godavari” Ganga of south calling for help.

Nashik is famous for its wine. But there were times when Nashik was famous for only one reason & that was as a Religious Place based on the banks of river “Godavari ” often called as Ganga of South.
Nashik is also very famous for KUMBH MELA which happens after every 12 years. There are only four places where this huge festival of HINDUS happen and Nashik is one of them. Godavari river plays an important role in this huge festival as it is believed if a person swims in this river then he is freed from all his sins!

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