The Kolhapuri Culinary Expedition

Kolhapuri is undoubtedly the crown of Maharashtrian Cooking, Having a royal influence the food is prepared from a blend of spices which give a very aromatic and fine touch. Kolhapuri food which is often considered very spicy is in fact not very spicy at all. Made with local spices and flavors the food has a distinct taste that standouts from other preparations.  The Kolhapuri Food … Continue reading The Kolhapuri Culinary Expedition

Top 5 non-vegetarian thalis in Nashik city.

Gatari amawasya an informal religious festival of Maharashtra is almost here, we’re doing a quick round-up of Best Meat Thalis you can’t miss in Nashik city, Since the day of Gatari Amawasyawhich falls towards the end of Ashadh month prior to “Shravan” , a holy month for many Hindus, where they usually refrain to have non vegetarian food and alcohol. So they prefer binge drinking and … Continue reading Top 5 non-vegetarian thalis in Nashik city.

Divtya Budhlya Wada at Nashik

Food review: Divtya Budhlya (Wada) Gangapur Road

Divtya Budhlya Wada is your gateway to typical Maharashtra folk culture, located on Someshwar Road near anandwali “Divtya Budhlya” will take you to a typical folk style home.There ambiance reflects interiors of old wooden structured homes typically found in villages of maharashtra.As like their decor and ambiance they serves village style dishes which goes little infact way more than normal spice levels.
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