The Kolhapuri Culinary Expedition

Kolhapuri is undoubtedly the crown of Maharashtrian Cooking, Having a royal influence the food is prepared from a blend of spices which give a very aromatic and fine touch. Kolhapuri food which is often considered very spicy is in fact not very spicy at all. Made with local spices and flavors the food has a distinct taste that standouts from other preparations.  The Kolhapuri Food festival at The Gateway Hotel is an attempt to spread this often unnoticed food amongst their patrons. The festival has been laid out in collaboration with Padma guest house. A Kolhapur-based resort that was started by the Royal family. 

The food festival is offering Kolhapuri Thalis and a few starters. Kolhapuri thali is a feast served across the Kolhapur region which consists Meat Curry, Meat Fry, Kolhapuri Pulav, Roti, Sol Kadhi, and Tamda & Pandhra rassa which is a main highlight of the Kolhapuri cuisine. Tamda & Pandra rassa are basically a thin soups made which meat stock. Tamda rassa is finely and spicy whereas Pandhara rassa is full of subtle flavors and has coconut milk as a base.  Curry and Fry are made which choice of meat i.e. Chicken, Mutton or Sea Food. The base consists of fresh coconut and ground spices. Food can be finished with a chilled glass of Sol Kadhi, Which is a concoction of Kokam juice and Coconut milk. Solkadhi is considered as coolest which balances the spicy flavors of the thali. 

The Festival will also have some famous Preparation from the royal kitchen of Kolhapur which includes Mutton Lonche, Bharli Komdi, Goli Pulav, etc. The Menu is essentially crafted by the cooks of the same royal family and resembles the same taste which is offered at Padma Guest house Kolhapur. 

Please find attached the menu and details to know more. 


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