Divtya Budhlya Wada at Nashik

Food review: Divtya Budhlya (Wada) Gangapur Road

Verdict:Authentic marathi food underneath the folk style decor.

Table For Two: 500 Rs.Address:Near Anand Valli ,Gangapur-Someshwar Road,Nashik

Divtya Budhlya Wada is your gateway to typical Maharashtra folk culture, located on Someshwar Road near anandwali “Divtya Budhlya” will take you to a typical folk style home.There ambiance reflects interiors of old wooden structured homes typically found in villages of maharashtra.As like their decor and ambiance they serves village style dishes which goes little in fact way more than normal spice levels.

We reached there on some sunny afternoon and entire place was really quite there were few families and teens munching chicken around the tables. We quickly place our order as we already finalize what we gonna have, first there was “Chicken Leg Masala” A spicy curry of chicken made with home-made spices and “Chicken Gavran Fry” fried chicken pieces made with their own mixture of home-made spices.One great thing we notice about their food is they don’t use boiled chicken pieces at all and there spices are extremely fresh and grounded in house.Also they use “Gavathi” Chicken instead of boiler in all maharastrian dishes where all others have boiler chicken in it.

We also heard a lot about their Chicken Thali which is really a full packed meal with Chicken Curry ,Egg Curry,Kheema and Pulao however we haven’t tried it yet.There service is quite slow we was there at really quite afternoon still it takes around 20 minutes to arrive our order,portions per dish are not really enough even  for single person there were hardly one leg piece and another small piece in both the dishes.

But still their tastes makes us visit the place really soon,  ambiance is really quite,cool and out from the city rush.Not really a pocket friendly place but surely we’ll  recommend you for their authentic village style recipes and their decor.

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