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Small Stories 

Diwali in Nashik

“I have seen Diwali of many places, but I haven’t seen the better Diwali than our city!” the first sentence
from my grandma during a discussion about Diwali in my family.
As she said i too feel the enthusiasm in this city during Diwali is always very high. i have seen people who likes to stay busy whole year taking leaves for full weeks and spending time with their family and friends!
people got on road and made crowed for shopping in different areas in city like main road, college road and city center mall. as always the markets in old-Nashik are making crowed and attracting people to buy cloths, aakashkandils, diyas and many more electronic items this Diwali,
people is excited to buy electronic items this Diwali  the saraf bazzar is also doing well in this race of shopping. people is interested in buying gold instead of the raise in gold prices this year. getting aware of the noise and air pollution during Diwali Nashikkars are giving priority to the crackers which will affect less on environment of the city in all aspects.
coming to the fashion youngsters have prefered shopping cloths from branded cloths from malls for quality rather than shopping from old markets like main-road, shivaji road and shalimar chowk because of the increase in the prices which may give a competition to the prices of a branded cloths.
traditional cloths like shervanies, kurtas doe boys and Anarkali pattern suites for girls have got more likes this time as compare to the casual cloths. with changing lifestyle in Nahsik people buying food items ready made from shops instead of making it at home in traditional ways.
Akashkandils has also changed their pattern, yo can get different kinds of akshkandils in city as well as the traditional pattern like star or chines type. people have started using electronic diyas with lighting to decorate their house with traditional diyas also.
in all this changed lifestyle in city the enthusiasm is same as always. though people celebrating diwali in different styles but still there is a traditional touch in style of nashikkars which makes us different, which makes Nashik different!

By Chinmay Pathak 


1.Except You…!!
Some moments were delicate,
Some brought laughter!
Some of them were filling eyes,
Some, which we shared together!!

Some stories, which we have spoken,
Some jokes, which we shared!
Some hours, which were celebrated,
Some laughs, exploded!!

Some feelings of un-feeled fragrances,
Some tears, with untaken breaths!
Some questions, with unknown logic,
Some warmth of the bodies!!

Some writings, some poems,
Some words, but just then-
Some disturbance, some ‘Kabab Main Haddi’
Some smell of ‘jali hui Chaddi’!!

Some hearts, Dhad-dhading fast,
Some touch was the cause!
Some attraction as Covalent bond,
Some smiles of loosing torques!!

Some body, someone just like you,
Was in my life, a great through!
These lines can never be explained,
And never be understood, Except YOU!!
-Sagar Patil.

2.Run a mile…!
Sometimes, it seems that nothing is true,
Or things are not getting done, or working through!
Then do those things, which make you smile,
Oh my dear, Just Run a Mile!!

Every day is not wealthy, nor it could be,
Some days bring sorrows, but then, Just Be!
And spread your lips like a Nile,
Oh my dear, Just Run a Mile!!

Birds never cry, but Phoenix do,
But Phoenix Never Die, While Others do!
So, shed your feelings like a child,
Oh my dear, just Run a Mile!!

Life is a long way, full of good things,
Bad patch is just ‘A Mile’, and other is all bliss!
So, run this mile with Grace and Style,
And now my dear, Please wear a Smile!!

-Siddhant Palkhedkar.


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