SulaFest 2020 Nashik

SulaFest 2021 Cancelled in View of Safety of Festgoers

As you all may have heard, Nashik’s pride SulaFest organised by Sula Vineyards each year on the first weekend on February stands cancelled for the year 2021.

SulaFest has become one of the greatest weekend festivals in the country and Sula as well as the overall city of Nashik is very proud of what has been accomplished in the last 14 years. However, for the first time since it started out 15 years ago the festival will be taking a break in February 2021.

Confirming the news, Sula Vineyards’ CEO & Founder Rajeev Samant said, “We have had a beautiful festival for 14 years without incident. We don’t want to spoil that perfect record. Much better to ride out one year and come back with an even bigger bang rather than take a risk this year. It’s not the year to do things with big crowds and we need to first think of the safety of our guests.

We are an international festival and this year bringing international acts will be almost impossible. We’ve always prided ourselves on bringing really interesting international acts that haven’t played in India before. But basically, this is not the year for big music festivals, in India and internationally. We are the first to take this decision but for sure we will not be the last.

We take this call with a heavy heart but we feel it makes total sense. See you all in 2022!”


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