Jharoka By Emerald Park Home Delivery8

Fine Dine Food Experience From the comfort of your home with Jharoka by The Emerald Park

The past few months are pretty difficult for all of us, while we are stranded in our houses from the last few months, The whole world around us has changed. One of the major affected industries in this course is the hospitality, food & beverage. With people restricted to gather and come outside, It seems that the industry seems to be at risk in a foreseeable future.

Although Restaurants are not allowed to operate, and banquets function seems to be on hold till the situation gets neutralize, it’s getting difficult for people to get good hygienic food, Since the government has declared the mandate to start the home delivery of food lot of people are avoiding it considering the hygiene and quality risks. To solve this issue, The Emerald Park hotel has come up with a specially curated takeaway/delivery menu. The idea is to offer combos that are suitable for a family of 4-6 people. The menus consist of regional specializes from Indian states and a few classics.

We recently had the opportunity to taste their menu. It was a meal for the whole family of 4, for dinner. The delivery was made by a two people team in a van instead of a bike, Both the delivery personnel had the protective gears on. The food was packed and sealed in an airtight container with labels on each of them. Which was quite convenient as had ordered veg & non-vegeterian meal.

The menu had Murgh Shahi Korma, Muradabadi Murgh Biryani, Rogani Murgh Masala, Sabji Dum handi and Pujabi Dal Tadka with accompaniment of Chapatis, Jeera rice and Salad. The food was indeed a treat to eyes and the aroma of Murgh Shahi Korma was quite appetising.

Murgh Shahi Korma which was personally the best out of all the preparation had a nice subtle aroma of kewra and was finished off with saffron. The chicken was very well cooked and tender, the base had nice consistency due to the generous use of yogurt and dry fruits. Murshidabad biryani was a slightly different variation of biryani which we used to get commonly in Maharashtra, the roots of this biryani belong to Murshidabad Kolkatta and biryani is know for its subtleness and use of eggs alongside the chicken. Unlike regular biryani, Murshidabad biryani is quite less with excessive voices, oil, and red chilies. The aromatic spices and ghee used for cooking are what make it special.

The second main course was murgh rogani masala, It was a variation of chicken curry. Rogan means oil or fat and as the name suggests it had nice Rogan on top of the curry with a semi-thick curry made with spices and yogurt, With the bright red color and aromas it got paired nicely with chapatis. The Vegetarian course which I had to taste was decent and to the point. However I was so full of the meat I couldn’t do justice with veg dishes, but I ended my meal with a small serving of jeera rice and Punjabi dal tadka, But I definitely love to their taste their veg dishes soon as well.

Another great part of this meal was the neat packing which really was leak-proof, storage-friendly and perfect name labels were very useful. With restaurant seems to be out of the dining business for some time it seems that we have to be feasting again with The Emerald Park Soon. Till then let us know about your feedback in the comment section.


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