Exploring the new menu at Sula Vineyard’s Tasting Room

We have always been a fan of the spectacular view from Sula’s tasting room, seating amidst the lush green vineyards and sipping wine with the sunset is a perfect afternoon escape from the city chaos. This is a perfect excuse for a leisurely evening every Nashikkar is looking for. So we heard that Sula has revamped the food at the tasting room we couldn’t resist exploring the new menu.

The newly revamped menu has something for everyone. From dabeli and kanda bhajiyas for a local flavor to thin-crust pizzas, salads, Mediterranean quick bites and Asian small plates, Tasting Room’s new food menu have a delicious selection of popular dishes from around the world. You won’t want to leave without a dessert (paired beautifully with Sula’s Late Harvest or Sparkling Shiraz). We especially recommend the Nutella crêpes with whipped cream and cookie dough apple pie with ice cream.

We had a selection of dishes including falafel, Onion-garlic-green chilly pizza, cheesy garlic bread, dabeli, fish finger, prawns koliwada,  chicken satay, salt & pepper prawns, overloaded nachos. If you are amateur at food and wine pairing please take the help of staff to order you a perfect meal, We opted for Sula’s Late Harvest or Sparkling Shiraz and Chardonnay and Rasa. A basic rule of food pairing is sipping your wine while chewing your food to get the flavors, unlike other spirits where you eat the food after gulping down the drink.

We especially loved the fish fingers and tarter sauce, BBQ onion pizzas with Sparkling Shiraz, the bubbly texture of sparkling wine really complements the fried food and hence when you are in confusion always opt-out for the sparkling wine. We also love the Rasa with cheesy garlic bread, it was perhaps the best garlic bread we have had in town so far.

Post this humongous meal we dug into some Nutella crepes and apple pie, and believe us there was no better ending than sipping Sula’s late harvest with the thin and sugar-coated Nutella crepes, apple pie also lived up to the expectations and hints of the cinnamon and vanilla chocolate with the late harvest match made in the heaven.

This spectacular meal was indeed an experience, and we are eagerly waiting for our next visit really soon.


Amateur Wine Pairing Guide

Sparkling wine goes best especially with fried food, the bubbles Apparently clean the oil from your tongue and release the flavors.  although when in doubt always go for sparkling wine.

Red wine goes well with carbs infused food like red meat, bread, pizzas, and fats.

White wine goes well with cheese, white meat (less spicy)



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