Sulafest 202 Nashik

Nashik’s beloved SulaFest to remain in the divine wine city!

For all Nashikites wondering if SulaFest will be held in Nashik in 2020 or is it shifting to Sula Vineyards’ premise in Bangalore, here is some good news… The Gourmet World Music Festival’s 13th Edition will be held in their very own city – Nashik. In fact, this time around the festival will be bigger and going by Sula’s core value it will also be More Sustainable.

Apparently, a lot of rumours were doing rounds in Nashik that SulaFest, which is a hallmark festival of Nashik city that attracts thousands of tourists every year to this wine town, might not be held here now. Crushing all these rumours, the Sula Vineyards team has announced that the grand music festival will be held in its incepting town Nashik itself. They also said that the festival this time targets to be eco-friendlier and will also provide more support to local businesses and NGOs that are willing to participate.

“A lot of energy-consuming activities and less eco-friendly practices are going to be reduced like less printing, more utilisation of solar power that Sula itself generates as well as use of more natural materials in creating the fest ground. Meanwhile, we want to keep this festival in Nashik as much as the authorities co-operate and at the same time support local vendors,” informs Senior Vice-President, Hospitality Operations, Sula Vineyards Monit Dhavale. Dhavale has also been at the helm of the two-day extravaganza which is being held in Nashik to celebrate the harvest season since 2007.

In a bid to provide the guests with a larger than life experience every year, SulaFest not only brings in the best talent from around the world but also creates unique experiences to give the festgoers a weekend to remember. This time, the festival will witness India’s first Wine Experience Zone which will expose festgoers with a plethora of activities surrounding wine. The area will bring an added attraction to SulaFest which is India’s first food and wine festival and was started keeping wine awareness and education in mind.

The festival which always gets bigger and better every year will take on a more grandiose approach in 2020 with a great artist line-up that will be announced soon. Get ready to witness a fun-filled fest offering a mega mix of great music, wine, drinks, food, fashion, and shopping in the vineyards’ beautiful open-air amphitheatre.


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