Talarudra world record Nashik

World record feat by Talarudra (Nashik)

It is a very proud moment for all nashikites as “Talarudra Dhol Pathak” nashik holds their world record trophy like a feather in their cap. The freshly achieved ” Amazing book of World Record title by the Talarudriens has left everyone speechless.
This was the longest drumming marathon done by 210 dhol tasha players on the same platform, biggest ever by an individual dhol pathak (out of which 130 dhol tasha players were female members, which was the best example of women power). The beats rocked the stage for non stop 12 hours from 9 am to 9 pm on 10th of Sept 2015 at Suyojit Vhiridian Vallie’s Nashik.
The Talrudra family had dedicated this event to the former president and the missile man late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. The inspiration behind this 12 hours record was the Kumbhamela Which majestically arrives in Nashik after every 12 years and is being gradually celebrated now.
Talrudra has extended their Vote of thanks to Mr D J Suryavanshi of Sula vineyards, Suyojit Vrindavan Villas , Central military Education Committee for their huge support and special Thanks to Nashikites who turned up in huge numbers to be the witness to the world record & cheer up the drum players
 Such events take place rarely and such enthusiasts are born few in millions.
Talarudra world record Nashik
Talarudra world record Nashik
Grand was the start and grander was the closing ceremony when honorable Minister Shri Girishji Mahajan ,MLA Mrs.Devayani Farande and MLA.Mrs. Seematai Hirey came for the event. Honorable Minister Shri Girishji Mahajan and District collector Shri Dipendra Singha kushvah could not stop themselves for giving  winning beats on Dhol. Actor Abhijeet Kelkar was also present to be the part of this great success. The hard work of Shri Shaunak Gaidhani,Aniruddha Bhudhar,Ravindra Raut,Chetan Gavande and Chaitanya Joshi was the key behind this Success.

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