Nikhara Misal Pav At Owaaraa Restaurant Nashik

Food Review: Owara Pure Veg (Nikhara Misal) Chansi, Nashik

Verdict: Ambiance is one of a kind in a city, food can be better.
Rating: 3/5

Table For Two: 150-200 Rs.
Address: Hotel Owara, Near Ashoka Universal School, Chandshi, Anand Wali Goan, Nashik

We recently visited “Owara Restaurant” in Chansi, to satisfy our Misal Pav cravings. A huge hype created about this place was the reason we drive ourselves to taste their signature preparation “Nikhara Misal”.

This place located around 3-4 miles away from main city in a village called “Chansi”. Owara is pure veg restaurant and serves regular 3 course veg menu along with Misal Pav and few other traditional recipes like Bhaji, Jalebi etc. The decor of this place has inspired from Warli Art (Indigenous tribe art found in Maharashtra/Gujarat) and you can see various traditional Warli paintings drawn everywhere.

The restaurant was half filled when we entered,  so we didn’t have any trouble finding an empty table which is usually a mess in many Misal Pav restaurants in the city, Where you’ve to wait for a long time to accommodate yourself. As we settled down our order were taken quickly.

Our order was Misal Pav, Jalebi, Bhaji. After couple of minutes, we got our food on table. Misal was too low on spice levels for our palate though We’re not at all fond of too spicy and oily food in fact we like our food moderately spicy, The taste of this Misal was very disappointing. They serves you two different varieties for Pav one is regular Aata Pav and Second is Ragi Pav. The second one seems added for some healthy touch but we would prefer regular aata bread over raagi bread. The reason they called it Nikhara Misal is because it comes with a little piece of burning coal inside the pot to give Misal a little smoking flavor but it didn’t make any difference to smell or taste.

Nikhara Misal Pav At Owaaraa Restaurant Nashik
Nikhara Misal Pav At Owaaraa Restaurant Nashik
Bhaji At Owaaraa Restaurant Nashik
Bhaji At Owaaraa Restaurant Nashik

Accompaniments we ordered were Jalebi and Kanda Bhaji both tasted nicely and presentation for Bhaji was really creative. The way you get your food served here is also influenced by Warli Culture so they’ve used earthen pots, wooden plates wherever it is possible. Service was pretty quick and when we were about to left some from the restaurant came and took a feedback from us about the experience which was really a nice gesture.

Though Misal Pav was quite disappointing, The whole look and feel of this place was charming. Prices were also justified for the quality and ambiance. Good place to get away from the hustle of the city sometime.

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