Kala Kumbh Nashik

Kala Kumbh, The Discovery of Nashik’s Overlooked Identity

Nashik, the name itself induces boundless devotion and piety. Every globetrotter that steps in the vicinity of Nashik arrives full of hope, and returns with a treasure of sanctity and fulfilment. Acclaimed for its religious, cultural, and historical heritage, Nashik holds an unrivalled significance amongst the pilgrims from all corners of the world. This hamlet, which once served as a holy abode to Lord Ram and Goddess Sita, is also hailed as a divine place where a drop of nectar had fallen during a tussle between the Gods and demons.

Kala Kumbh Nashik
Kala Kumbh Nashik

Other than being a home to countless Hindu temples, each one of them boasting about a glorious past, Nashik is widely recognised for its luscious grapes and its export quality wine. Be it a glass of sparkling white wine, or red Zinfandel Rose, be it a hot and spicy plate of early morning missal-pav or the evening cutting chai, Nashik has always soothed our taste-buds. But wait, Nashik is not only about its temples and its Kumbh Mela, its grapes and its wineries; there is a whole new unidentified dimension to this prosperous urban; its art.
Art is an expression of powerful emotions recollected in tranquillity. It’s a portrayal of what one sees and what one feels. And the artists of Nashik have excelled in various artistic styles including painting and sculptures. Ruchir Art Gallery, an unprecedented art gallery of Nashik has vowed not to let this invaluable talent of Nashik go unnoticed and unappreciated. And what can be a better opportunity than the Maha Kumbh of 2015.
Ruchir Art Gallery, has organised an eight-day event called ‘Kala Kumbh’. The Kala Kumbh will provide the artists and artisans of Nashik with a platform to exhibit their art, while the visitors would get a chance to witness this priceless wealth of Nashik under one roof. Apart from bringing this new and extraordinary aspect of Nashik into limelight, Kala Kumbh will also encourage the artists to come forward and let the world recognize their genius. Here, the pieces of art can be exhibited, as well as sold at reasonable prices, thus allowing the artists to gain the much-needed economic support.
So let’s dip ourselves in the holy waters of Godavari and get rid of our sins, and then treat our eyes with the ingenious pieces of art created by the artists born in this blessed Nashik city.


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