Cupid's Den

Valentine’s Day at Cupid’s Den

Article By: Fairy Dharavat

What’s your Valentine’s Day plan? Not yet decided? Well start planning, coz it’s just around the corner! Don’t worry if you haven’t. Cupid’s Den, a valentine themed acoustic music festival is there to your rescue.
If you’d like to know what to expect, which is the most exciting romantic festival of the year, then buckle up as we give you many amazing reasons to grab that ticket, like,right NOW!

Slip n Slide Cupid's Den
Slip n Slide Cupid’s Den

The venue has loads of interesting stuff to offer.Nashik is more than just a destination for pilgrimage, and wines, it has a bustling life to explore. So grab this opportunity to park yourself at BezeAnantha.

SOS Cupid's Den Nashik
SOS Cupid’s Den Nashik

Imagine the moon and the stars for company and the outdoorsy campingnature.The wind plays with your hair while the music is all around you. As you sleep inside a spacious tent, your first ever, you know that camping is more than living inside a tent,it’s a life style, and that experiencing the great outdoors with your significant other is a best valentine gift you can ever give.

Fancy a masquerade party? So how about celebrating this occasion of togetherness with a party where you dress up? Yes please!Sponsored by Spykar, there is going to be an amazing party where you can sashay your way in style.

Cupid's Den
Cupid’s Den

Filter Coffee, AWDs, Agnya, Nush Lewis, these amazing acoustic artists are going to sing for you.Yes this is as romantic as you can get.If adrenaline rush is your thing, then you would love Zip lining. Zip yourself to a chord and slip down. It gives the feeling of falling down as it is really quick, and if you find that the activity too thrilling, you can also try horse riding, canoeing and many more couple related exciting adventure activities to indulge in.

When you were young, slipping was fun, and then something happened. You found yourself all grown up. This is where you can revisit your childhood. With Slip and Slide, backyard adventure fun indulges your inner child. There is also arts and crafts workshop for all you creative people.

For the most exciting valentine adventure of the year is only a few days are left so head to Spaced Out Spirits official site for ticket information and buy. At Cupid’s Den, we’ll see you there.

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