What to eat on Ekadashi in Nashik

1.Potato Jalebi: The jalebi which you can even eat on Fast, Potato jalebi is signature preparation of Budha Halwai which is made only on special occasions like mahashivratri, ekadashi etc. so don’t loose your chance and savour it today!

Jalebi at Budha Halwai
Jalebi at BudhaHalwai
Address: Manohar Mithai, Behind bhadrakali mandir,Nasik (Nashik), India


2. Shabudana Wada & Khichadi: Shabudana wada is basically  a deep fried  patty of sago and pea nut mixture served with coconut and nuts chutney. Originated in maharahstra this Shabudana wada is a staple food during Hindu fasting. This golden brown fried patty is crunchier outside with really warm and soft filling, this wadas can be grabbed at Sayantara snack centre in bhadrakali old nashik. Abstainance of grains and food due to Ashadhi ekadashi (Indian festival) people usually prefer sago and other fasting food. Sayantara a well known snack joint established by bhavsar family back in 1967 is serving authentic and best shabudana wadas from ages. Along with wada you have have other fasting delicacies like fried potato sticks and dink laddo

Shabudana Wada at Sayantara nashik
Shabudana Wada at Sayantara nashik

Address: Near Gadge Maharaj Putala  Koknipura,Bhadrakali,Old Nashik

3.Lassi: Well those who wanted to stay away from some deep fried stuff,Lassi can be a good option. It’ll cure your starving and It’s healthy too. You can get lassi at almost every street corner, But we recommend you to try it once at Bagga Sweet Near gadkari chow.

Lassi at baggas
Lassi at baggas

Address: Bagga Sweet, Near Shingada Talav, Gadkari Chwok,Nashik



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