Humshakals Movie review

Movie Review: Humshakals (2014)

Verdict of Humshakals: WHY?

There are two kinds of pain. One is physical and the other is psychological. If you get injured, you experience physical pain but these injuries are cured. After few days, people will not even see if you had any injury or not. But psychological pain stays with you forever.

Sajid Khan started his “Directorial” journey with Heyy Babyy in 2007. It was followed by Housefull series. One fine day, he decided to make Himmatwala. The question asked then were “What the F**k is this?”, “Who finances this Sh*t?” etc. And we all hoped that Sajid Khan will learn something.

He considers himself as phoenix that regenerates from its own ashes. But he forgot, he is not remotely as nifty as any other bird. His directorial and storytelling abilities are the closest with “Cassowary” (Google it). This bird is considered to be the most dangerous one. Yes, Humshakals is dangerous to humanity. If foreign cine-goers watch this film as an example of Indian Comedy films, they for sure will think of Indians’ IQ level to be as low as an infant. This article is not a review. It will set the parameter for the worst films made in future.

Ashok Singhania (Saif Ali Khan) is wealthy businessman whose father is on deathbed. Kumar (Riteish Deshmukh) is his best buddy. Kunwar AmarNath Singh AKA ‘KANS mama’ (Ram Kapoor) is Ashok’s uncle who will be sole owner of whole property if Ashok is proven mentally ill. He makes an evil plan to feed Ashok and Kumar with a potion that makes them go canine. Eventually plan works and both are admitted to an asylum. Same place has other Ashok and Kumar who are actually ‘Pagal’. This sets the prologue of 160 minutes of pain and suffering.

My questions are: Were triplets of all three characters necessary? Were all three actresses necessary? Why in the first place this film was made? What kind of producers will pour his money on a director who made Himmatwala? Why does Riteish Deshmukh work with Sajid Khan? Whys is he even allowed to make films?

There are very few things to be called as scripted. Otherwise whole movie looks like an ugly Coat sewed from various ugly bed-sheets. We are expected to laugh at Characters behaving like dogs and humping random person’s leg or midgets biting crotches. Cinematography, Dialogue and other departments have nothing to do. Music by Himesh Reshammiya is horrible which goes in drain along with the film. Let’s just not talk about acting by anyone.

Director, who claims of having caught nerve of audience, needs to understand that even naïve people are not laughing on your jokes. Post Housefull, Sajid Khan has failed to create an engaging story line, an average script and funny dialogues. Director has an obsession with British royal family, so he will twitch whole movie just to get climax chaos related to them.

In a scene, Asylum warden shows Himmatwala to torture Ashok & Kumar. Future is not far when Humshakals will be placed as an option to death penalty.

I was told that you feel an eccentric shock in your body when ‘Kidney Stone’ starts acting. I haven’t experienced it but surely got the gist in few scenes of this film. The audience will go in theatres to watch this film. But I assure you, no one of them will be going to enjoy it, everybody is witnessing the worst film ever made in Indian Cinema History. They are not laughing on your jokes, they are laughing at you.



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