Riverdine Restaurant Nashik

Food Review: Riverdine Restaurant, Nashik

Verdict: Excellent ambience, food needs little attention.

Ratings: 3/5
Table For Two:1000 Rs.
Address : Riverdine Restaurant, Near Aasaram Bapu Ashram, Savarkar Nagar,Gangapur Road,Nashik

Riverdine Restaurant nashik
Riverdine Restaurant nashik

There are really few notable fine dine places in the city, If you live nearby Gangapur road you can drop by for a visit at “Riverdine Restaurant” Located closed to Godavari River bank. Riverdine is an open air dining place started before few months ago, due to lack of any decent fine dine place near gangapur road Riverdine is getting good attention of foodies and what shocked us was when we went into the restaurant on Monday night it was already packed and we had to wait few minutes to get a table.

Riverdine Restaurant Nashik
Riverdine Restaurant Nashik

Restaurant has been converted into an open air dining place from a bungalow. You can either seat in an open air sittings or choose a secluded area. The ambiance definitely gets thumbs up! Specially when you are tired of those cluttered places with lots of noisees and food just like “dhabas” style the ambiance of Riverdine will surely impress you.

Riverdine Restaurant nashik
Riverdine Restaurant nashik

Food here is very straight to the point, sorted in starters,main course and desserts you have really handy menu to choose from so you can focus more on eating rather than spending time to choose what to order. We had  Few assorted kabab, Chinese starters and couple of veg starter. Taste was normal nothing extraordinary especially for its price tag. Right after starters we dig in to main course the attendant recommend us the day special “Chicken Malwani”  so we ordered it along with the rogan josh .Chicken malwani doesn’t actually seems impressive, you simply can’t call some preparation malwani just because you’ve put kokam and coconut in it. Rogan josh was also disappointing as it was cooked into a normal “Punjabi” gravy however mutton pieces was cooked perfectly. We  also had Veg biryani and surprising biryani turn out very well.

Riverdine Restaurant nashik
Riverdine Restaurant nashik

That’s all we had at Riverdine we would rather like to come back here again for its very decent ambience. The service here was fine. Where food needs some serious attention at least for the price tag you are offering. Well if you’re hunting for some good place around gangapur road give it shot to Riverdine someday.

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